The price of precious stones is calculated based on several specific criteria:
The Weight
Typically, a gem with the same characteristics of a weight of 1 carat is cheaper than another stone of 10 carats per carat. As a reminder, 1 carat is equal to 0.20 grams
The purity of the Gemstones
Over the stone will be included and the lower the price will be high, the price differences for identical colored stones can be considerable. To include an image, look below these cut Ruby. Both have a weight, shape and same color. The first is pure and untreated is proposed to 27900 euro for a weight of 2 carats while the second included respect and treated by heating is offered at only 650 euro
It is obvious that a stone treated to improve its visual quality will be worth less than a stone's natural color, purity and quality equivalent. However, we must know that the majority of stones on the market are heated or oiled on emeralds
These methods are traditional and somewhat Authorized at the International.
The color
A very brilliant and intense color will have a value higher than a dull or pale stone. Consider an example for Aquamarine: Left, almost cobalt blue and pale blue right Both have a weight and a similar form. The first is proposed at 250 euro while the second just 15 euro.
The quality stone cutting
As in many professions, there are bad, good and excellent Lapidary, sometimes simply a blunder. Also, a stone may have some shortcomings and present a facet of more or less. These faults cut will affect the price.
Finally, remember that free prices for precious stones. You can therefore see relatively large differences in price depending on the supplier or wholesaler of gemstones
Some examples of prices seen on the World Market
Aquamarine: Aquamarine The price of a good quality, fairly strong blue between 80 and 400 euro per carat for stones 2 à 6 carat. On An Aquamarine or larger and an exceptional blue carat price may exceed 800 euro
Amethyst: Amethyst regards, prices range between 2 and 30 euro per carat depending on color. The intense colors are the most sought
Citrine: Citrines prices range between 2 and 30 euros as the Amethyst
Emerald: An Emerald of good quality commercial 1 and 3 carats, it will take between 500 and 3000 euro carat. For stones of excellent quality and more than 5 carat prices can exceed the 7000 Euro carat.
The Blue Topaz: The Blue Topaz oscillates between 6 and 15 euros per carat
The Imperial Topaz: For Imperial Topaz whose size is less than 2 carats, price varies between 30 and 100 euro. On stones 3 à 6 carat prices seen are 100 to 300 euro per carat and up to 800 euro for the colors pink and cognac. For a large size of Imperial Topaz in cognac and pink tones, the price a carat exceed 1500 euro.
Tourmaline: The price of tourmalines oscillates between 20 and 400 euro carat. Paraiba tourmalines on, prices can multiply and exceed the price of a carat of white diamonds
Blue Sapphire: A Stone particularly difficult, prices ranging between 18 and 2000 euro per carat and more, on average 1000 euro per carat for stones larger than 2 carats.

The natural sapphires of blue almost black night that we found in a lot, see most of the shops are inexpensive, the Kashmir sapphires of good quality and weight therefore can reach heights over 15,000 euro carat.
Ruby: The Natural Ruby are scarce, increasingly expensive and continue to rise, from 600 to 3000 euro per carat average 7000 euro for parts over three carats carat. The Ruby Natural Unheated over 5 carats, well crystallized and with very few inclusions can reach prices of several hundred thousand euro per carat, a reminder, the heating of Ruby is absolutely not derogatory it is even essential in most cases and is recognized by the entire profession.
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