New category for lapidary.
New category for lapidary. A new category for the happiness of Lapidary: Lapidary Area Over time, you'll find most of these gems on the Brazilian territory. rough stones sold by the gram for both amateur and experienced lapidary. Prices still among the lowest in the market because of direct from different mines of Minas Gerais and southern Brazil.
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Eduardo, Lapidary of Rio Grande do Sul
A Lapidary southern Brazil inventive produces original forms. Soon on www.les-pierres-precieuses.com, you will find some faceting stones by him
More than 1,500 carats of precious stones and gemstones come:
Watermelon tourmaline, sapphire, Venus Hair Quartz, Rhodolite, fushite, serpentinite, kyanite, bicolor tourmaline, aventurine, dolomite, amazonite, hidenite, opal dendritic lodolite, sodalite, magnesite, delomite, rough garnet, aquamarine, apatite , blue topaz and white, orange calcite and Emeralds.
New stones direct from mines and Lapidary of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Prices are among the lowest in the market as usual avoiding intermediaries. You will undoubtedly cost to acquire the precious or semiprecious stones of your choice at wholesale prices.
Faceting Machine
Coming in collaboration with Lapidart, machine tool manufacturers in Brazil in the field of precious stones, we will market their products in France for the first time. Tools like the revolutionary new automatic machine. ROBOT GEMS is the newest computerized faceting/polishing machine made by Lapidart. This equipment can facet a round gem pavilion (brilliant cut) in about 1 minute. It is still being submitted to tough tests and it will be placed in market for selling as soon as possible. Performance machines, portable and easy to use.
New Arrival
New rough gemstones come from mines in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Pakistan, whose Mine Swat. Very beautiful Indicolite Tourmaline and verdelite Tourmaline for cutting. Some gems of Pink Topaz katlung. Peridot from Pakistan with very big stones high quality.