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Selection of the week
Red Spinel
White Diamond
Buy Diamond Buy Red Spinel Of Burma Buy Rhodochrosite
Red Spinel 0.02ct
Rhodochrosite 6.04ct
Diamond 0.04ct
The Stone: 8.60€
The Stone: 36.00€
The Stone: 18.12€
Why our stones are less expensive?
Buy White Natural Diamond Buy Red Spinel Of Burma Buy Rhodochrosite
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News and selection of the moment
Fine and precious stones less expensive
Pink Tourmaline
Collection of stones
Amazonite 37.00ct
Collection of stones
Buy Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline 1.97ct
Buy Amazonite
The Stone: 37.00€
The Stone: 157.60€
The Collection: 35.00€
Buy Amazonite Buy Collection of rough stones Buy Pink Tourmaline
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Fire Opal
Treated Ruby
See all the precious stones on sale
Emerald 2.00mm
Buy Fire Opal
Fire Opal 0.81ct
Buy Emerald Buy Treated Ruby
Treated Ruby 0.64ct
See all the precious stones on sale
The Stone: 44.55€
The Stone: 24.96€
The Stone: 15.00€
Buy Fire Opal Buy Treated Ruby
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Buy Emerald
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Quality and Price
The most beautiful quality of stones at stunning prices. Gem wholesaler cut and rough into direct of Brazilian productions. Stones supplier near individuals and professionals. Realization of custom-tailored gold jewelry 18 carat and rhodium silver.
Powder stones for a cosmetic use
Avoid the Intermediaries
Sale of precious stones and natural fines for all at wholesaler price. Stones in gem quality cut and rough. Avoid the intermediaries and buy live at Brazilian productions.
Powder stones for a cosmetic use
Rough precious stones for Concise and collectors.
New and custom-tailored jewelry top-of-the-range.
Precious natural stones live at Mines and Concise Brazilian.
All the precious stones on sale actually
Choose the stone, we realize the jewel
Gold rings 18 carats ready to go up.
Realize a custom-tailored jewel
Luxury nails
Diamonds on your nails
Calibred gemstones on order
Realization of custom-tailored jewelry
Cut and recuts precious stones
Luxury nails in diamonds
Our Commitments
New regular arrivals
Precious stones and natural fines of quality
Low prices
A certified source
Satisfied or renfunded
Free shipping costs
Specialists at your service: Mariana, Jérôme, Juliana, Humberto, Frédéric, Victoria, Angela, Hasantha, Melika, Nagib, Jorge, Johann.
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The Stones
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